Free DMX rap lyrics cross stitch pattern/chart


This is the last little project I’ve been working on.

It’s a gift for a friend that happens to like DMX, the author of the quote in the picture. Of course, I never thought I would ever stitch a brass knuckle, but there it is. I added the roses just because. They make the whole design funnier (roses are pretty gangsta right?)!!

The original roses were from a free pattern I found online that I modified to fit in. But, I cannot find the original anywhere!! I’ll add a picture of it once I find it.

Now, the charts! I added the second one without symbols and more contrasted colours just so it’s easier to see. The colour chart is only attached to the first picture.



Free Bernard (Day of the Tentacle-Maniac Mansion II) Cross Stitch Pattern/Chart



It’s been a while since I uploaded a new chart! I been wanting to share the pattern for Bernard for a while but I haven’t had much time… again.

This character is from a game called Day of the Tentacle, by LucasArts. It’s the sequel of Maniac Mansion (game that I absolutely adore). I will upload a chart for Hoagie and Laverne in the next couple of days.

By the way Day of the Tentacle is being remastered!!! It’s coming to PC, PS4… in 2016. I’m so happy! After playing the remastered version Grimm Fandango I’m just hoping this one turns out just as good. Big YAY for Tim Schafer! I would love to see more LucasArts games get the remaster treatment… Maybe LOOM and Zak McKracken. Or the two Indiana Jones!

The chart is based on a picture (above) made by jhroberts on DeviantArt.

Head 1 and 2
Body 1 and 2
Head 3 and 4
Body 3 and 4