First entry.

Here at 3 months old.
Here at 3 months old.

This first entry is for him.

Bjรถrn is my not so little puppy. He’s now a year and a half and 135lb (61kg), but he still thinks he’s a little pup that can sit on your lap and you wouldn’t notice. But you DO notice. And his drool too. After all he’s a Newfoundland and I bet any Newfie owners can relate. Hair is a condiment in this house. But it’s all worth it. He’s a very happy and friendly dog. He loves to meet everyone (even if they get scared because of his size) and loves getting attentions. And if you do start petting him and suddenly stop, he will stick his head under your hand so you can keep scratching him. You’re not getting away that easy!

We do everything together; we go for walks, watch movies, do laundry, play… even crochet. All my crocheted things have some of his hair tangled in between the stitches. I can’t get it off. That’s his way of helping me I guess. On the days that I’m off work he always wakes me up by jumping on the bed and sitting on my back or licking my hands, it might not sound appealing to some but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my little fur ball after all.