Crochet Tuxedo Sam (link to free pattern) by Amigurumei


This little guy here is called Tuxedo Sam. I made him a while back but the poor thing has been sitting in the closet ever since. Now that Bj√∂rn (my doggie) is old enough, I’m not afraid he’ll try to chew him up anymore. So Tuxedo Sam is free to come out! I’m still trying to find a spot for him, maybe one of the shelves is the best option.

You will find the pattern here.

She makes the cutest dolls, and If you guys like Sanrio characters, you should check out her pattern book! (I bought mine at Chapters) Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Purin, Chococat, My Melody… they’re all in there!

And now, I’ll just go lay down for a bit, as I just had two wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, and I’m still feeling quite sore from it (while looking like a chipmunk…).