My name is Andrea, I’m 24 y.o. and I live in Ontario, Canada.

I’m new to blogging but I really wanted to give it a try. I’ll share bits of everything in here; hobbies, life, travel… I love languages most than anything, I’m fluent in three (Spanish, Catalan and English) and I’m currently learning French and German. My hobbies include crocheting and cross stitching. I love video games as well, mostly old MS-DOS games, Monkey Island is my favourite game series, even though I can also spend hours playing Age of Empires II or Black and White. I’m very shy and not too outdoorsy but I enjoy going for a hike from time to time. I’m addicted to yarn, pinterest, chocolate and herbal teas. I’m currently studying language interpreting.

*I can always translate my patterns from English/Spanish or Spanish/English, let me know if you ever need help.

*Puc traduir qualsevol dels meus patrons de l’Anglès al Català o Espanyol. Si us n’interessa algun, deixeu-me un missatge i us l’enviaré.

*Si necesitáis alguno de mis patrones traducido al Español, no dudéis en escribirme.


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