Knit-like Crochet pillow case free pattern. Colour blocking!


Hello! I’m quite happy to be writing this entry because that means my pillow case is done! I just finished sewing the zipper and it’s good to go.

Now, I did write the pattern for the begging part but I didn’t write the exact number of stitches I needed… Silly me. But it doesn’t really matter as it is better to measure the begging rows with whatever pillow size you have. This pattern is very similar to the Pouch pattern I wrote a couple months ago, so if you’ve made one already, you’re good to go.

Let’s begin!

The stitch used here is a HDC worked in the loop behind it. There’s a really nice tutorial here.

Yarn: This stitch likes to eat a LOT of yarn. I used 7 balls of Loops and Threads Woolike Chunky. 5 in Beige and 2 in Mauve. The yarn is a blend of acrylic and nylon so it splits in every other stitch… but it’s worth it. It looks really nice. I used a 6.5mm hook


Pattern: Start by chaining as many stitches as you need for you pillow size. This is how my case compares to the pillow: PILLOW3

Row 1: 1 SC in second chain from hook in back loop only. SC to the end, turn. (At this point you could be doing HDC already, but I liked the look of two rows of SC better.).

Row 2: 2 SC in what is now the back of the chain. SC to the end and add 1 more SC to the last stitch.

Row 3: Keep working in the circle but this time start with the first row of HDC.

Row 4: Keep working in the circle do not join. It’s all one circle!

Row 5: When you get to the first HDC of the previous row instead of working under the regular V stitch, start working the HDC on the third loop created behind it. It will be on the inside part. (check out the tutorial above if you’re not sure of what loop it is).

Row 6 to end: Keep working the HDC 3rd loop around until you reach the size you want.

For colour change: Make the colour block band as wide as you want, my pillow case size is: 20 by 18 inches (51 by 46 cm) total. The mauve band alone is 6 inches (about 15.5 cm)

Finishing: I had to make a bit of an invention and close the sides a little bit because my zipper was too small. The only size they had in the colour that exactly matched the yarn was only 35cm long, so I had to SL ST the corners. When I reached the right size for my pillow I started to SL ST at the corner working the 3rd loop of the HDC and the 3rd loop of the HDC in front (for about 6 stitches). Then, I continued to SC in the 3rd loop of the HDC until I I had 6 stitches left and SL ST just like the other corner. Finish off.

Tuck in all the tails and sew in the zipper. It can be finished off with buttons a flap or anything you want too, but, as I was going for the “minimal” look I didn’t add any details. Just a zipper that blended in.

NOTE: Keep measuring the pillow as you go!! Make sure everything fits!! I tried to get the best light for the pictures, I hope you guys can use them as reference. Instead of a pillow, you can just use stuffing, make the case any size you want and SL ST the top closed. There are so many options!!

Look from the top with the zipper in. Bottom of the pillow with starting SC chain.
Pillow in.
Colour change on the side.

DIY Fabric covered (magnet) buttons. Super easy!


I feel like it has been forever since I last updated this, but I haven’t had much time to be crafty…  Work and holidays sure keep you busy!

Anyway I just wanted to post a very simple DIY. For the longest time I’ve been feeling pretty bad about the looks of my fridge. You know, all the pizza add magnets, a magnetic 2014 calendar from my dentist, some cable company magnets as well… you get the idea. I hated it but they were quite useful so I didn’t bother taking them of because I had no “pretties” a.k.a decent looking magnets to put on. So, a couple days ago I got rid of the “uglies” and made some fabric covered ones!!

They are incredibly easy to make and don’t take too long. All you need is a kit ($3’99 at Walmart or the second one I purchased here) and some fabrics (little prints work better). The kit includes the blue bottle cap like thingy which is the tool that you need to make the buttons. Mine is a size 45 (1 1/8 inch or 22mm). The “pattern” that you see on the picture is a little cardboard cutout from the back of the kit. The diameter of the circumference that you need to cut of fabric for this size is 2.1 inches or 53mm.


All there is to do now is: Put fabric fabric on the clear part of the kit, button top, tuck in the edges of the fabric, put the backing and press with the blue part of the kit! Is so simple! If the button backs that you have have a loop behind you just have to cut it with some sort of pliers. If you’re lucky and have flat backs, just add a bit of glue, a magnet and is good to go! But, make sure that the magnets are strong enough, neodymium magnets work better than the ones pictured…


And they’re good to go! They can be used as needle minders as well, it would only take one extra magnet attached to the back of the fabric to keep the needles in place.

PS: The only thing I would like to add is, if you’re making buttons to wear, you’re better off with buttons with metal backings (like the Walmart ones) the ones I bought on Ebay are plastic and they don’t snap on as hard. They’re good for magnets though.