Free Super Mario (Tanooki tail) Cross Stitch Pattern / Chart.

Tanooki MarioI love Mario in his little costumes. In this pattern he only has the Tanooki (Raccoon) tail and ears. I believe the original full raccoon suit comes from Super Mario Bros. 3. It has always been one of my favourites next to the frog Mario.

I haven’t made a colour chart for this pattern but it’s really simple, DMC 310 for the black, any bright red, any light peachy colour and a little bit of brown. It only takes 4 colours!


Free “Ask Me About LOOM” cross stitch pattern / chart

LOOMCHARTHave you guys ever played Loom? I only payed it a couple times back in the day and never finished it because I thought it was boring… But I picked it up again a couple years ago and finished the whole thing without any walkthroughs. I was quite happy about it. The game happens to be more interesting than what I remembered and also, much less spookier.

Anyone that has ever played Monkey Island probably remembers a creepy little pirate from the Scumm Bar that had a badge with “Ask me about LOOM” on it. At the time I had no idea what LOOM was, I just thought it was some kind of joke and not a real game.

*In Monkey Island 3 there’s another “Ask me about…” but this time is referring to Grim Fandango. Even Many Calavera is in it! (There’s also a very recent remastered Grim Fandango game for PS4, PC and iOS. Totally worth getting, it’s an amazing game.)

Anyways, I always wanted a poster with “Ask me about…” on it. This kind of stuff can be tricky to find, so why not make it? The in game badge has white letters on a blue background, but it was harder to see on the chart so I just inverted the colours. This one would look good stitched on blue linen. I’ll see if I can find the right shade and I’ll get to it.


This creepy Cobb, just in case you were curious.
This is Cobb, just in case you were curious.