Free Sarge (Quake III) cross stitch pattern / chart.


I finally made a new pattern! It’s been a while since I’ve been quite busy but here it is. This is Sarge, a character from a series of games called Quake (a first person shooter). Since my favourite is Quake III Arena, that’s where all the characters will be coming from. I’m planning on making a few more charts with other characters.

The chart is based on a picture made by metalparts in Deviantart.

Don’t forget to check out all her other work, this is Italian for my girlfriend, one of my favourites, very nice illustration and a very cute idea. This is her tumblr Art Blog, her style is amazing, worth checking!!

Feel free to modify the colours on Sarge’s armour to any other colour you like. Here is the pattern:



4 thoughts on “Free Sarge (Quake III) cross stitch pattern / chart.

  1. Woah, that is a badass design! I love how much you get your inspiration from old video games and stuff. Oh a separate, but related note I recently saw a book on cross-stitch that is really testing my resolve not to get into another craft right away. It’s called Storyland Cross Stitch and the designs just look so charming. Have you seen it?

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    • Oh thank you so much! It’s really hard to find old video games merchandise or anything related to them so I ended up having to make it and I enjoy it quite a lot. From the Storyland book I just seen a couple of pictures here and there but I really like the designs and that woodland like style that it has. Looks really pretty. Have you ever tried cross stitching on crochet? I made a pouch with a rose on it (kind of like the Lalylala bunny). You don’t need any extra supplies for that, I used a yarn needle and Loops & Threads Woolike yarn as “thread” to cross stitch. It was fun!!


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