Free Pokemon Center Cross Stitch Pattern / Chart.


I just finished changing a couple of the colours for this pattern of the 3rd generation (Kanto) Pokemon Center. This is a simplified version of the actual in game building. I didn’t want to end up with a 200 colour chart…

I haven’t done a colour chart for this one because I don’t have the most accurate threads at home and I have no time to go to the store this week. But if anyone is planning on stitching it, I recommend bringing the picture to the store to compare colours. It’s mostly shares of red, blue and grey. Really simple.

I hope you guys like it and If you have any suggestions on what do you want to see next, just leave a comment here or on my Instagram!

Thank you for reading!!


Björn through the seasons. His first winter (2014)

Sticks are so good!

I have tons of pictures of Björn and I decided to make a little throwback.

These pictures are from his first winter. He was born November 28th 2013 and came home in February 2014, so he still had lots of snow to play with!!

He loved chewing sicks as a puppy so most of the pictures I have of him have a stick on it…

I’ll be adding more pictures of my woolly doggie soon!

Walking on a leash can be a little confusing...
Walking on a leash can be a little confusing…
First day home!
First day home!
Tasty gloves!
He used to sit down during his walk every chance he had. Eating snow is more important than walking, right?

Free Jurassic Park Logo Cross Stitch Pattern / Chart


I just wanted to share a chart I just made for the Jurassic park logo. It’s based on the 1993 Nes game (Ocean), because that’s the year my favourite Jurassic Park movie came out!

This is a big chart so I had to turn it into a PDF. PATTERN HERE: JurassicParkLogo.

I made it based on the picture with a red background but the colours can be easily modified. Another option is the yellow logo, just like the one in the picture above.

The PDFincludes the DMC colours you need, but feel free to chose any other shades of red/yellow.

Happy stitching!!!

Free Sarge (Quake III) cross stitch pattern / chart.


I finally made a new pattern! It’s been a while since I’ve been quite busy but here it is. This is Sarge, a character from a series of games called Quake (a first person shooter). Since my favourite is Quake III Arena, that’s where all the characters will be coming from. I’m planning on making a few more charts with other characters.

The chart is based on a picture made by metalparts in Deviantart.

Don’t forget to check out all her other work, this is Italian for my girlfriend, one of my favourites, very nice illustration and a very cute idea. This is her tumblr Art Blog, her style is amazing, worth checking!!

Feel free to modify the colours on Sarge’s armour to any other colour you like. Here is the pattern: