Free Peter Pan cross stitch pattern/chart

Peter Pan Silouette

Oh Peter Pan… This is one of my favourite books of all time. I love the Disney movie as well, I grew up watching it pretty much every day (only alternating it with Alice in Wonderland…). Even my mom still remembers all the lines and songs! I can’t imagine how bad it must be having to watch the same movie everyday for a very long time.

I really wanted to make a Peter Pan in cross stitch sometime, but I couldn’t decide which one! I’ll be making a couple more I think. There’s a few pictures of the whole group flying by the moon that would look really pretty.

I found the picture above in this Blog. It’s from a Peter Pan and Tinkerbell baby shower!! So cute.

And here is the pattern Peter Pan Pattern. It’s a Pdf because it came out pretty big and I couldn’t make it all into a single picture. It’s 175 stitches wide and 214 stitches high. The patterns shows a “Finished Size” by the end of the chart, but I don’t think that’s accurate at all. Just go with the stitch count. And it also counts the empty stitches for some reason… I couldn’t get rid of that part in the pattern, so just ignore it. I only used DMC 310 for it.


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