Little Rose Cross Stitch (link to free pattern / chart)

Finished Rose

I just finished my first cross stitch flower! When I came across the pattern on Pinterest I knew that sooner or later I would end up stitching it. Now I just have to find a tiny (white) frame for it and I’ll be done.

I found the pattern here.

I didn’t use the exact same colours from the pattern because I wanted to make it today and I couldn’t go to the store, but I knew I had some pinks at home so I improvised it a little bit. Colours I used:

  • Light Pink (Lichtroze)    Original: DMC 151 – Used: DMC 603
  • Roze (Pink)                   Original: DMC 603 – Used: DMC 602
  • Fuchsia                         Original: DMC 601 – Used: DMC 601
  • Rood (Red)                   Original: DMC 321 – Used: DMC 304
  • Lichtbeige                     Original: DMC 644 – Used: DMC 772
  • Beige                            Original: DMC 303 – Used: DMC 471
  • Off White                    Original: DMC 3865 – Used: DMC 712

*I’m a bit unsure about which colours they intended to use for this flower as the “Beige” looks strangely close to green in the picture (?), but the green don’t seem to match, anyway that’s all I could do.

The rose turned out brighter than what I intended, but I love it. I might have to try this same pattern but with different colour combinations, reds, yellows, oranges… you name it!


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