Free Barren Field (text only) pattern/chart


This picture had to be made into cross stitch! I’ve seen a couple them already made into embroidery and cross stitch (hilarious), but I had to give it a try as well.

I still haven’t made the field and it make take a while until I do, as I just bought a couple of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery patterns and I’ll be entertained with that for a while… Anyway, I thought I could share the chart based on this font.

The only difference is the letter ‘I’. I didn’t really like the one included in the chart so I ended up switching it. I still kept the original one in red by the end of the chart, just in case someone wants to use it. (The pattern is divided in two pictures).

Ps: Adding dots in between words would make it look so much better! (Just like in the picture) But I haven’t got to that yet…



Little Rose Cross Stitch (link to free pattern / chart)

Finished Rose

I just finished my first cross stitch flower! When I came across the pattern on Pinterest I knew that sooner or later I would end up stitching it. Now I just have to find a tiny (white) frame for it and I’ll be done.

I found the pattern here.

I didn’t use the exact same colours from the pattern because I wanted to make it today and I couldn’t go to the store, but I knew I had some pinks at home so I improvised it a little bit. Colours I used:

  • Light Pink (Lichtroze)    Original: DMC 151 – Used: DMC 603
  • Roze (Pink)                   Original: DMC 603 – Used: DMC 602
  • Fuchsia                         Original: DMC 601 – Used: DMC 601
  • Rood (Red)                   Original: DMC 321 – Used: DMC 304
  • Lichtbeige                     Original: DMC 644 – Used: DMC 772
  • Beige                            Original: DMC 303 – Used: DMC 471
  • Off White                    Original: DMC 3865 – Used: DMC 712

*I’m a bit unsure about which colours they intended to use for this flower as the “Beige” looks strangely close to green in the picture (?), but the green don’t seem to match, anyway that’s all I could do.

The rose turned out brighter than what I intended, but I love it. I might have to try this same pattern but with different colour combinations, reds, yellows, oranges… you name it!

Free Oregon Trail cross stitch pattern/chart.

OREGON TRAIL FINISHED CHARTThis will be my next project once I finish all my WIP.

It’s based on The Oregon Trail, an 80’s game. It’s quite frustrating and addictive at the same time. I remember playing it many years ago and actually dying from dysentery a few times. I did finish it too, not with all the crew but they ended up in Oregon anyway (someone drawn in the way and a couple of them had broken arms…).

I’m still not sure about which colour I’m going to use, I’m in between DMC white, 906 and 907 (I might go with 907 just because it’s almost neon, just like the game colour). It will be worked in black 14ct Aida cloth. I went to Michael’s today just to pick the green colour (I bought both 906 and 907 and then some extras…), and I happened to come across the the black Aida cloth! It’s the first time I’ve seen it in stock so I had to grab it too.

*Other options are adding orange/brown to the ox and wagon details.

  • Play The Oregon Trail Deluxe (1992) here.
  • Play The Oregon Trail (1990) here.

I made the chart based on the most accurate (to the original game) picture of the wagon I could find.Wagon

Free Minecraft cross stitch pattern/chart.

Minecraft DiamondsMinecraft Chart

And I’m done! This one is going to be a gift for a friend who likes Minecraft (pretty obvious…). I just finished framing it and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Now, I did mess up a little bit my “O’s”. I made the pattern wanting to make them 6 stitches wide but for some reason I missed the last column and they are only 5 stitches wide, by the time I realized I was making the O in diamonds and I didn’t want to take everything apart.

The diamonds are not in the chart because the pattern for them is not mine. It’s a free pattern available in this Deviant Art page (made by mogunoe).

There’s a free Minecraft font available here just in case you guys want to get the lettering more accurate than the one I made.

PS: This is a bit of an explanation for the quote, as some people (non Minecraft players) have asked about it. In Minacraft, you can craft tools (axe, hoe, pickaxe, shovel), and modify them with other materials that affect their durability (gold, iron, stone…), diamond being the strongest. Now, while it’s good to have a diamond pickaxe, the diamond hoe it’s a pretty useless one, making it a waste of diamonds.

Free Arrested Development (link to free cross stitch pattern/chart font).


Arrested Development is one of my favourite shows and so, I HAD to make this quote into cross stitch. It’s still a work in progress as I am not sure how to finish it. I started way to high (about an inch left) as I thought I was going to run out of space… and so, there’s no space for a border. I might add a couple more words to it (on the show, GOB says “…or cocaine” after a long pause) or a border but only at the bottom part.

Anyway, you’ll find the font here. I used the one called Madrid.

G.O.B Gif

Free Monkey Island cross stitch pattern/chart.

Guybrush Theepwood, mighty pirate!Guybrush Chart

This is the chart I made for my first cross stitch project! I started cross stitching about a month ago, so I still don’t do difficult ones. This one is very simple, but I really like it. I’ve only used DMC 310 (black) for it and it’s worked in 14ct Aida cloth. I made it using KG Chart it’s a really useful program for charts, I even use it for intarsia crochet!

It’s based on The Secret of Monkey Island 1990 font and I tried to keep the lettering as accurate as possible. I’m quite happy with it but now I’m not sure what to do with it… I might get a little frame for it after ironing the creases. Anyways, I hope you guys like it! 🙂

First entry.

Here at 3 months old.
Here at 3 months old.

This first entry is for him.

Björn is my not so little puppy. He’s now a year and a half and 135lb (61kg), but he still thinks he’s a little pup that can sit on your lap and you wouldn’t notice. But you DO notice. And his drool too. After all he’s a Newfoundland and I bet any Newfie owners can relate. Hair is a condiment in this house. But it’s all worth it. He’s a very happy and friendly dog. He loves to meet everyone (even if they get scared because of his size) and loves getting attentions. And if you do start petting him and suddenly stop, he will stick his head under your hand so you can keep scratching him. You’re not getting away that easy!

We do everything together; we go for walks, watch movies, do laundry, play… even crochet. All my crocheted things have some of his hair tangled in between the stitches. I can’t get it off. That’s his way of helping me I guess. On the days that I’m off work he always wakes me up by jumping on the bed and sitting on my back or licking my hands, it might not sound appealing to some but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my little fur ball after all.